Multi-Factor Authentication: After entering your user name and password below, HDMI Adopters will be sent an email with a one-time code to verify your email address and adopter authorization. Each device will require the one-time code.
Password Reset: HDMI Adopters are required to reset their password at least every 6 months to ensure HDMI Extranet security. The new password must not be the same as the current password. If a new password has not been reset by the end of the 6-month period, your password will expire and you will be redirected to reset your password.
Inactive Account Lock-out: If an adopter does not log in within a 9-month period they will be automatically locked out and need to contact admin@hdmi.org to request access. The HDMI Admin will then need to get authorization from the Adopter’s Primary Contact in order to unlock that adopter contact.